Read others’ experiences of working safely

What makes for effective communication

Communication feels like it should be instinctive – something we all just know how to do. But even a cursory look at any investigation report, the feedback often heard from those who know what [...]

The language of kindness

Our experiences with thousands of people working in today’s NHS over the course of Sign up to Safety has shown us that it is essential to be kind. We believe that a focus on kindness could shift [...]

Can we measure what we feel?

If there’s one question that has popped up time and time again from those who are intrigued by (but interestingly, often not involved directly in Sign up to Safety), it’s ‘how are you measuring [...]

Are you alright Phil?

The voice seemed so distant at first as I was scrolling through my phone. It was 6:30pm. I should have finished my shift over an hour ago and here I was, sat on a bench outside of work.

How do we have difficult conversations with each other?

This excellent question was posed recently by Navina Evans (the Chief Executive of East London Foundation Trust) recently in her blog, Respect and Dignity, Everyday. It’s a question that has been [...]

Being human

We can all be guilty of “performing” at work, acting the part, putting on our ‘game face’ and fending off imposter syndrome. So when I was shown complete acceptance and respect by my NHS [...]

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