Get involved in National Kitchen Table Week 2018

19–25 March 2018

National Kitchen Table Week is one of our favourite times of year! We get to see conversations rooted in kindness play out across the country in such a joyous way.

During this week we’re inviting all of you to host your own Kitchen Tables within your practice or organisation, and invite staff and colleagues to come along to talk about what they know about working safely.

We have been astounded by how #NKTW2018 has once again hit a chord, with many of you planning (or already!) hosting tables. Twitter is exploding with comments from people embracing the idea!

This is a great opportunity for us all to consider key questions around how we can help people work safely. With this in mind, we would love it if your conversations were linked to three topics;

  1. How everyone across the NHS could implement ‘safety II’ i.e. a way of looking at what works as well as what doesn’t.
  2. How we can instil ‘joy at work’ by building on the initiatives such as ‘learning from excellence’, #kind2018 and saying thank you to the people you work with.
  3. How we can keep building this way of developing relationships and having conversations so that they become part of the everyday fabric of the NHS.

Suzette explores what we’re trying to achieve with kitchen tables and where the idea for key questions comes from here. This is a must read as something that gives you a much deeper understanding of it and some wonderful examples you can cite.

All you need for #NKTW2018

A kitchen table is a humble place of warmth, safety, and trust. A place at the heart of the home and the heart of the family, where we feel safe and cared for, and are able to have truly open and honest conversations.

The beauty of the Kitchen Table is in its simplicity and flexibility. You can have a Kitchen Table anywhere, anytime and with anyone. It’s an opportunity to evoke a feeling, an experience that helps people feel comfortable and able to speak, listen, heard and understood.

Here is everything you need to try it for yourself this year, or to build on what you’ve already started. We are asking you to print your own materials this year as that is the only way we can make sure everyone who wants to take part has access to it all within our small budget.

Lessons from #NKTW2017

The last National Kitchen Table Week was a success that we just couldn’t have anticipated, and it was all down to you! You held kitchen tables in cafés, boardrooms, gardens, in corridors, on the move with help of trolleys and…in actual kitchens.

You were just brilliant and what made it even better was that we felt like we were part of it through the amazing photos that were springing up on social media. Our Twitter and Facebook were flooded with gingham!

The stories and experiences that came out of the week were equally brilliant to hear about and we were delighted that not only were people enjoying themselves, but they were learning more about the power of talking to each other too.

The team at Frimley Health have written a blog to share some really insightful tips, which is a great read for anyone who wants to take part.

And be sure to head to our Flickr page to see all of the wonderful photos. We love these as inspiration and for reminding ourselves that we’re all part of a wider community of people who care about working safely.