Become a member as an individual…

We have thousands of people who have joined as individuals to support our shared cause and it’s really easy for you to be part of that.

All you need to do is complete the online form below and tell us what you actions will do to support each of the five Sign up to Safety pledges.

Once you have submitted it, you will be emailed a certificate within about a week.

  • 1. Putting safety first. Commit to helping people work safely.
  • 2. Continually learning. Listen and act on what we are hearing in our conversations with our staff, patients and families.
  • 3. Being honest. Create an environment where staff, patients, families can have open and honest conversations about what went wrong and what went well, free from judgement and be treated with kindness.
  • 4. Collaborating. Create opportunities for conversations where all staff, regardless of their role or position and across geographical and professional boundaries, can share what they know about working safely to help others learn.
  • 5. Being supportive. Really listen to each other with kindness when support is needed and act on what has been said. Create opportunities to celebrate success, say thank you and spread joy.
    Details available in our privacy policy here.