Some resources to help you involve others in building a stronger safety culture

Sign up to Safety is made up of over 500 locally owned and self-directed campaigns. Even though day to day work may look different in different parts of the country, all our members share a common cause of making care safer.

Letting people know about your organisation’s commitment to creating a strong safety culture and getting people behind your work is really important. We have produced these resources to help you do that.

To keep people interested, involved and motivated to help you, from time to time you may want to provide a focal point to bring people together and keep patient safety front of mind (such as marking the anniversary of when you became a member or taking part in National Kitchen Table Week), so we have some resources for that also.  These have been used by us at different points since 2014, and used by member organisations in different ways. There is no right way, rather these are given to you as inspiration, for you to build yours and others’ knowledge and for you to use as you wish (in the spirit of the campaign!).

You are welcome to customise any downloadable resources in any way you like to suit your needs, and to quote from our blogs (please attribute).

Raising awareness of your involvement

About Sign up to Safety – Word doc

‘Sign up to Safety – A campaign with a difference’ – blog by Suzette Woodward

Our story so far – video on what we’ve learned along the way

Press release template – word document

Sign up to Safety FAQs – word document

Six tips for implementation – blog by Suzette Woodward

Involving others

Design resources

Resources shared by members