“In order to learn how work is actually done go and talk to people, sit down with them and listen with intent, listen to understand.”

Suzette Woodward

Newsletter Archive

We know not everyone has the time to trawl the internet and countless books to research the latest ideas and evidence to help you and those around you work as safely as possible. That’s why every fortnight we send our members a newsletter full of the information that we think might be useful to them and the resources to help put those ideas into practice.

Below is a catalogue of some of our past newsletters that we’ve grouped into themes to help you navigate them more easily. Click on the title to view the full newsletter

Talking to Each Other

  • Our story since 2014
  • Conversations to help people work safely
  • Why conversation counts and isn’t ‘all talk’
  • International thinking
  • What can you do now?
  • Keep it simple
  • Things that get in the way of talking to each other
  • Learning from Excellence
  • From our members’ perspective
  • Better culture, safer care
  • Phil Riddell: Social media and safety – sharing what you know
  • A bit of help to ask the right questions
  • Three questions to get you started
  • Appreciative conversations around Kitchen Tables
  • Talking about talking
  • Introducing the #QiComms charter
  • What we mean by ‘talking to each other’
  • What impact can these values have?
  • Helping people talk to each other – about social movements


  • Helping people talk to each other about learning from excellence
  • Kicking off the year with kindness
  • Matchmaking – lets be kind to each other
  • The impact of incivility
  • Thank you for December!
  • Supporting #NHS70
  • Where we’ve been and what we’ve learnt
  • Matchmaker: Learning from incidents and excellence
  • Matchmaker: Checklists
  • #Kind2018; keeping the spirit alive

Kitchen tables

  • What a year
  • All you need for a Kitchen TableLessons from #NKTW2017
  • Patient Safety Awareness Week
  • Why three key topics?
  • Resources to help you bring people together
  • NKTW 2018 plans across the country
  • Recognising the difference people can make
  • A little bit more inspiration
  • Have you seen our brand new website?
  • Topics for your Kitchen Table
  • Help from Suzette for understanding Kitchen Tables
  • Sharing great questions for great conversations around the kitchen table
  • NKTW 2018 across the country
  • Everything you need to host a Kitchen Table #NKTW2019
  • Sharing great questions for great conversations around the kitchen table
  • Introducing our exciting new podcast series: The Safety Culture Chronicles

Safety culture

  • If you have 1 minute…
  • If you have 2 minutes…
  • If you have 5 minutes…
  • If you have 10 minutes…
  • If you have 20 minutes…
  • And if you have 30 minutes…
  • Civility saves lives
  • The price of incivility
  • Risky behaviour
  • A way of calling out rudeness
  • How incivility shuts down our brain at work
  • Putting people centre stage
  • Looking in the mirror
  • A safe space to talk: Collateral benefits of safety culture debriefings
  • Who are we really afraid of?
  • Some resources to help
  • What is a safety culture?
  • Violations / risky behaviour
  • What if something goes wrong?
  • How Mersey Care are changing the way they view culture
  • How you say something matters!
  • #BeKind21
  • Learning from Learning from Excellence
  • What matters to me
  • Ash Grange Nursing Home: “This time categorically we cannot fail…”
  • What makes us feel good about our work?
  • When disagreement strengthens relationships
  • How to build a speaking up culture in teams
  • Taking a deeper look at joy
  • Rolling your eyes at joy in work? so was I until…
  • The power of “thank you”
  • Role modelling isn’t just for leaders
  • Our ‘Safety Culture explained in 3 minutes’ video
  • Just Culture the movie; Mersey Care
  • Communicating and engaging with people to help them make a difference
  • Webinar: Is Joy in Work Possible in 2018?
  • Safe Spaces for learning
  • Joyful Leadership
  • IHI Framework for Improving Joy in Work
  • Three quick reads on Positive Psychology
  • Appreciative conversation starters around enjoying our work
  • Help people talk to each other

The important lessons we’ve learned 

This newsletter is a little bit different. This is because we have two big pieces of news for you;

National Kitchen Table Week 2019

Our roles will be ending in March 2019

In this issue we ask you to think about our key message; that ‘Safer care is only possible if we care for those who care for patients’

  • What do they mean to you?
  • What do you feel about what we’re saying?

Healthcare is incredibly complex. We must take advantage of all opportunities to learn about why things don’t go as expected, so it is important to study the way we do things all the time (when they go right and when they go wrong)

The complexity of healthcare makes it a difficult environment to work in day to day; this coupled with current pressures, unhelpful cultures, high rates of stress, incivility and bullying, makes it really hard for healthcare staff to work safely

‘I am not a policy wonk’ from Sidney Dekker explains more eloquently than we ever could why doing the reading is so important to making Safety II a reality where you work.

The safety of patients is dependent on the members of staff who interact with them being physically, psychological and emotionally well, and able to cope with the complexity of their day to day work.

Kindness and civility needs to be encouraged and expected, with people given the opportunity and time to connect with those they work with in order to create the positive, open and constructive relationships that allow people to speak out and be heard, when things go well and when things don’t turn out as expected

We each have a part to play in choosing the values and behaviour that guide our relationships with each other, and we have the power and influence to help and support the people we work with, alongside, for and on behalf of.