Things to help you build a stronger safety culture

Sign up to Safety is made up of over 500 locally owned and self-directed campaigns. Even though day to day work may look different in different parts of the country, all our members share a common cause of making care safer.

Helping people where you work understand that they play a vital role in creating a safety culture, and taking steps to find out what a safety culture actually means to each individual (as it may differ) will help you lay the groundwork for a just fair and safe culture for staff and patients.

We have collated some resources and sources of information here to help you. Feel free to quote our blogs and share these resources (although please do attribute them if so).

Building a deeper understanding of safety culture

‘Safety culture explained in 3 minutes’ video – download

Working safely – blog by Suzette Woodward

Violations / Risky behaviour – blog by Suzette Woodward

Just culture – blog by Suzette Woodward

Just Culture Poster – PDF

Values and Behaviours Poster – PDF

#kind2018 actions – folder of jpeg downloads

Learning from Excellence conference – blog by Suzette Woodward

Building a deeper understanding of the role of conversations

Other people’s experiences

“If somebody just cared” – blog by James Merrell (to come)

“Please call me Phil” – blog by Phil Riddell

Recognising the difference people can make – blog by Ghada Rhamadan

The potential of safer safety conversations – blog by Catherine Ede

Setting-specific guidance