“I believe we can change the world if we start listening to one another again”

Margaret J Wheatley

Turning to one another: Simple conversations to build a stronger safety culture


You can make a difference

For each of us, our day is made up of dozens of conversations. It’s likely we take these for granted, but how we talk to each other can make a huge difference to how we feel, how we think, the decisions we make, and ultimately the actions we take.

Asking people to talk to each other is a profoundly simple ‘solution’ and we have noticed that people find it difficult to accept simple solutions. What we do quite well in healthcare is to turn something simple into something more complex – a tool or technique that then becomes the latest trend or only something that specialists or experts can do.

This is the last thing we want happen to our work and have designed our information and resources on this website so that that anyone can use them, regardless of their role or the setting they work in.

Simplicity is extremely powerful. So rather than turning these conversations into a new tool or intervention, we ask you to use the information and resources on our website to just talk to each other and then discover how that may connect people around working safely.

Conversations where people have a chance to speak,
to be listened to, feel heard and understood…

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