“Be aware of downward pressure on people not to be open, and do something about it”

Sidney Dekker, Patient Safety Congress 2018

Why try a kitchen table?

A kitchen table is a way to create an environment where members of staff can come together with others, feel welcomed, to speak openly and honestly without being judged, whoever they are and whatever role they play. It is a place of kindness and respect where people are helped to talk about working safely.

There are so many reasons why this is critically important for patient safety as well as staff well-being (proven to correlate with the quality of care provided).

But you don’t just have to take our word for it. Visit our evidence page for plenty of insight, and below we gather some people’s comments and experiences from the last two years to show you in practice what impact talking to each other with kindness can have;

A kitchen table gives people the opportunity to talk about working safely in a positive, open and honest way, so that they can share what they know and what matters to them

It creates an opportunity to engage staff around important information you want to share and to gather their feedback face to face about important patient safety issues

It helps you take note of and appreciate how work is successfully done now so that you can do more of what works, and generate new understanding on how to work safely from those closest to patients’ day to day

It brings together those with different experience, expertise and roles to offer the chance to learn from each other

It is an opportunity to celebrate improvement and enthusiasm for patient safety

Search #NKTW2017, #NKTW2018 and #NKTW2019 for more!

But it is important to remember that it isn’t the method of conversation that matters, it’s having the opportunity, and doing it with kindness, that makes the difference.

Whether at a kitchen table, huddle, briefing or debriefing, one to one, Schwartz round or any other way.

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