This work is grounded in evidence from across the world…

As well as exploring the power of conversations in practice, we have studied the latest thinking in patient safety from across the globe. And we are in good company; our work is grounded in a growing body of research and knowledge related to conversations for safety, together with the latest thinking in relation to safety culture and patient safety.

The importance of conversations is now at the centre of several national strategies for improving safety, such as in Canada and New Zealand.

We found lessons from the thinking from Safety II, ‘world café’ events, appreciative enquiry, coaching and from new and emerging approaches.

Here is the growing list sources of evidence that have influenced our thinking:

From Safety I to Safety II
(Erik Hollnagel) >

#QIComms – Communications
for Improvement >

Playing nicely in the
sandbox, or no?

Neil Spenceley at Risky Business 2017 >