How can we help each other work safely?

“I got a genuine thank you last weekend from the team I work with and it made my day … don’t under estimate the power of a thank you.”

Sarah Haygarth, Physiotherapist at Leeds Teaching Hospital

Kindness counts

To work safely, people need to be able to talk to each other freely and without judgment. To some extent this is a profoundly simple solution; engaging in conversations where people are willing and able to share their ideas, opinions and experiences, and people are willing and able to listen carefully to one another.

But for this to be possible, we need to create an environment where people can feel respected for their views and the diversity they bring to a conversation no matter who they are.

There are certain values and behaviours that need to be embodied by all of us for this to happen;

  • kindness – THE most important thing
  • respect
  • humility
  • positivity
  • encouragement
  • curiosity

Even though a lot can feel out of our hands in the busy world we live and work in, we do have complete control over how we talk to each other and whether we embody these behaviours and values.

We can choose to talk to each other in a way that helps people experience, for that moment, the kinder attitudes, values and behaviours that are necessary for the right culture to grow and flourish.

It is these kinds of conversations that can create connections, develop relationships, and provide opportunities to learn and change.

All of these values and behaviours matter, but the most important of these is kindness. We feel it is essential to be kind and that a focus on kindness could shift us away from the current punitive blame culture to a much more positive approach to safety.

You can make #kind2018

Many agree that kindness makes us happier, healthier, creates better relationships and is contagious. Right now, you can spread it. You have the power and you don’t need permission to take the first step. You can help make #kind2018.

Keep a look out for tweets using the hashtag #kind2018. We have been sharing examples of simple, free and very doable actions that you can take to inject a little more kindness into your work.

This beautiful story illustrates wonderfully the point that we’re trying to get across (click). It’s like the movie, The Butterfly Effect; our actions have an immediate impact and value, but they also have a knock on effect that can go further than you ever imagine.

Help people talk to each other about working safely…